• 25 September → 28 SeptemberAmsterdam, the Netherlands

    12 Points goes Dutch

    Festival 12 Point is coming to Amsterdam. The showcase event for emerging and innovative jazz musicians from Europe takes place from 25-28 September 2019 at the BIMHUIS in Amsterdam. Part of a collaboration between Dutch Performing Arts, 12 Points and the BIMHUIS, the 13th edition features a satellite programme (titled 'Orange Line') with Netherlands-based artists and an international visitors' programme.
    12 Points presents 12 young European jazz acts each year, creating a unique opportunity for its participants, audiences and a valuable resource for festival bookers seeking a high quality pan-European showcase of emerging jazz talent. The four-day event alternates between Dublin and other vibrant, young European cities.

    “The BIMHUIS is proud to host the bustling 12 Points festival, showing the most relevant and fresh European music. With 12 Points we invest in the future; in young, adventurous, professional musicians, in new audiences and in a powerful and innovative international scene. In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, BIMHUIS will also present a sparkling fringe programme with exciting Dutch bands during the festival.”
    Mijke Loeven, director BIMHUIS

    Through a carefully curated programme, guests of the international visitors' programme will be introduced to an exciting selection of Netherlands-based artists and bands.
    Check out the lineup of the Orange Line satellite programme at the BIMHUIS website.

    Contact Susanne Moed via s.moed@dutchperformingarts.nl if you'd like to know more about the international visitors' programme.

    12 Points' selected acts
    The 12 European acts selected for this year's edition were announced in June at festival inJazz. The selection includes two Netherlands-based acts:

    Using Muhammad Ali's famed wordplay as a springboard for improvisation, Ikarai brings the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the boxing ring, literally. Ikarai's music flows through the prism of this famous championship boxing event creating something utterly unique in the process.

    Xavi Torres
    Spanish pianist (based in Amsterdam) Xavi Torres was a semi-finalist in the esteemed Thelonious Monk competition in 2018. Having made a name for himself with his eponymous trio, he channels his myriad influences, from Argentine chacarera rhythms to Mahler inspired harmonies, into compositions and improvisations that balance each effortlessly.

    Browse through the full lineup at the 12 Points website.

    About 12 Points
    Based in Dublin, with partners right across Europe, 12 Points showcases young, creative and ambitious artists in jazz and related music from all points on the continent. Their mission is to assist and promote these emerging artists, bringing their music to new audiences. Previous editions were in Porto (Portugal), Umeå (Sweden), San Sebastian (Spain) and Aarhus (Denmark).

    The international visitors' programme is organised by 12 Points and the BIMHUIS in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.
    Dominic J Marshall Trio at 12 Points 2018. Photo: 12 Points
    IKARAI. Photo: Merlijn Doomernik
    Xavi Torres. Photo: Govert Driessen
    • 30 August → 31 AugustReitdiepdal Groningen, the Netherlands

      ZomerJazzFietstour 2019 visitors' programme

      Dutch Performing Arts and ZomerJazzFietsTour continue their close partnership to present Dutch work, musicians and bands to international music presenters. The international visitors' programme takes place on 30 & 31 August 2019 in Reitdiepdal Groningen, the Netherlands,
    • 06 September → 08 SeptemberUtrecht, the Netherlands

      Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019 visitors' programme

      In collaboration wih Dutch Performing Arts, Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019 organises an international visitors' programme for music presenters. The visitors' programme takes place from 6-8 September 2019 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
    • 18 September → 28 SeptemberEssen, Germany

      Theater Artemis at Ruhrtriennale

      Youth theatre company Theater Artemis will give 12 performances of their new production '(…..) - This piece doesn’t give a shit that its title is vague' at arts festival Ruhrtriennale. The company will perform from 18-28 September 2019 in Essen, Germany.
    • 20 September → 29 SeptemberMoscow, Russia

      Dutch theatre for young audiences at Gavroche 2019

      Dutch theatre for young audiences returns once more at international festival Gavroche with the support of Dutch Performing Arts. After having programmed a number of Dutch productions in 2013, the festival will present another 11 Dutch youth theatre productions during its 13th edition.
    • 31 October → 02 NovemberWashington, the United States

      Woest at the Kennedy Center

      Youth theatre company Woest gives five performances of their show 'Balancing Bodies' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
    • 02 November → 03 NovemberWashington, the United States

      BonteHond at the Kennedy Center

      Youth theatre company BonteHond gives four performances of their show 'Get 'M' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
    • 09 November → 10 NovemberWashington, the United States

      Maas Theater en Dans at the Kennedy Center

      Youth theatre company Maas Theater en Dans gives five performances of their show 'EGG-tion HERO' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
    • 11 January → 12 JanuaryWashington, the United States

      Oorkaan at the Kennedy Center

      Music theatre company Oorkaan gives five performances of their show 'Glimpse' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
    • 24 April → 26 AprilWashington, the United States

      De Dansers at the Kennedy Center

      Youth dance company De Dansers gives five performances of their show 'Pokon' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
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