A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
01 Jan. → 31 Dec. '17United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland

Going Dutch: jazz from the Netherlands 2017

Dutch Performing Arts commissioned the Jazz Promotion Network to coordinate the focus programme going Dutch in 2017 to support Dutch jazz musicians and/or groups to perform and tour in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. There are plans to continue the programme in 2018.
Going Dutch consists of an umbrella campaign, invitations for jazz promotors and journalists to every concert and, under certain conditions, also support for travel and accommodation.

Going Dutch gigs
In the coming period there are gigs by Tin Men & The Telepone, Eric Vloeimans and ICP orchestra. For more information about the programme and upcoming Dutch gigs in the United Kingdom and Ireland please go to jazzpromotionnetwork.org.uk/project/going-dutch/, or contact Nod Knowles via membership@jazzpromotionnetwork.org.uk.