Dutch Performing Arts promotes Dutch music, theatre and dance on the international stage. A programme of Performing Arts Fund NL.
09 Nov. → 10 Nov. '19Washington, the United States

Maas Theater en Dans at the Kennedy Center

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Maas Theater en Dans | EGG-tion HERO. Photo: Pepijn Lutgerink
Youth theatre company Maas Theater en Dans gives five performances of their show 'EGG-tion HERO' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
The performances of Maas Theater en Dans are part of a collaboration between Dutch Performing Arts and the Kennedy Center, resulting in a season-long Dutch focus that brings award-winning and accomplished work from the Netherlands to families and student audiences in Washington. The Dutch focus kicks off in October and November 2019 and will continue in January and April 2020.

Breaking theatrical boundaries
The Dutch focus programme showcases the best in dance, music and theatre for young audiences. Each company/piece has been carefully selected because they break theatrical boundaries in some way and contain a style that cannot be captured or replicated in work for young audiences traditionally coming from the United States.

Maas Theater en Dans - 'EGG-tion HERO'
Maas Theater en Dans presents their theatre production 'EGG-tion HERO' aimed at audiences ages 3 and up.
9-10 November 2019 | the REACH

For more information about the shows of Maas Theater en Dans, visit the Kennedy Center website.

More performing arts for young audiences
The Dutch focus presents five exciting music, theatre and dance companies from the Netherlands in a total of 56 shows. Also performing at the Kennedy Center as part of the season-long Dutch focus:
Woest, 31 October - 2 November 2019
BonteHond, 2-3 November 2019
Oorkaan, 11-12 January 2020
De Dansers, 24-26 April 2020

Part of Never Grow Up!
The Dutch focus at the Kennedy Center is part of Never Grow up!. Throughout 2019 Never Grow Up! presents an abundance of Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences in the United States. A wide range of work from the Netherlands will be presented and shared at festivals, conferences and other platforms, all representing a respect for young people and dedication to youth culture as an autonomous art form.

Never Grow Up! is a joint effort of Dutch Performing Arts, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York, Eye International, Netherlands Film Fund, Cinekid, Dutch Foundation for Literature, and DutchCulture.

More info at DutchCultureUSA.com/NeverGrowUp.