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08 Jun. → 13 Jun. '21Graz, Austria

Contemporary Dutch and Flemish theatre texts at DramatikerInnenfestival 2021

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Woestzoeker by George Elias Tobal, performed by Theater Antigone and Theater Artemis. Photo: Kurt Van Der Elst
For the second time DramatikerInnenfestival in Graz, Austria puts the spotlight on contemporary Dutch and Flemish theatre texts. The festival takes place from 8-13 June 2021.
Just like in 2019, the festival works together with Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Arts Institute and Flanders Literature to present theatre texts from the Netherlands and Flanders. This year a number of Dutch and Flemish theatre professionals also take part in the festival's professionals' programme.


In a so-called 'Textgarten' the audience can discover texts through (audio) installations. The works presented are ‘Woestijnjasmijntjes’ (nominated for the Theatre Text Award 2018) by George Elias Tobal (NL), ‘Met mijn vader in bed’ by Magne van den Berg (NL), ‘Hertenleer’ (nominated for the Theatre Text Award 2020) by Anna Carlier (BE) and ‘The Wetsuitman’ (nominated for the Theatre Text Award 2019) by Freek Mariën (BE).

The text ‘Niemand wacht op je’ by Lot Vekemans (NL) will be performed by Schauspielhaus Graz and will have its premiere on 10 June.

Nico Boon (BE) will perform his work ‘Komt op/gaat af’ on 11 and 12 June. In 2019 he received a Theatre Text Award nomination for this work.

From 7-9 June DramatikerInnenfestival also welcomes the Young Europe Festival of the European Theatre Convention (ETC). De Toneelmakerij will perform the text ‘Age of Rage’ by Jibbe Willems (NL). The text 'Sweet Sixteen’ by Casper Vandeputte (NL) will also have a staged reading. Stijn Devillé (BE), author and artistic director of the nieuwstedelijk in Leuven, Belgium, is one of the jury members for the prestigious Retzhofer Dramapreis, one of the most important awards voor German-language theatre texts. This is year will be the second time an award will be extended to a theatre text for young audiences.
The Fence, the network of international playwrights, will also be present from 9-13 June, and all activities such as lectures and workshops will also be in English from 10-12 June.

Together with German colleagues, Ruth Mariën (BE) and Mieke Versyp (BE) will discuss dramaturgy for theatre for young audiences. The discussion is part of a collaboration with ASSITEJ Belgium, and will be available via live stream.

Because of the current measures taken against COVID-19 the festival will take place on a smaller scale than usual and will primarily be accessible to theatre professionals. A limited number of events are available via live stream.

Close collaboration between the Netherlands and Flanders

The presentation of Dutch and Flemish theatre texts in Graz is part of a collaboration between Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Arts Institute and Flanders Literature, aimed at promoting Dutch-language theatre texts for German-speaking audiences. In 2018 and 2019 a delegation of Dutch and Flemish theatremakers and dramaturgs visited Graz to explore opportunities for collaboration.

Online dossier on theatre texts

In the dossier Theatre Texts from the Lowlands international theatre professionals can get acquainted with Dutch and Flemish theatre authors and their texts. A similar promotional project will be launched in France, in collaboration with Maison Antoine Vitez.

More information

For more information about Dutch and Flemish theatre texts presented in Graz, visit the website of DramatikerInnenfestival.