A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.

on the international stage

Through strategic partnerships with leading events around the world, Dutch Performing Arts presents Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.

We present a wealth of Dutch performances all over the world, through Dutch focus programmes and multi-annual collaborations to showcase work by Netherlands-based artists.

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27 Jun. → 7 Jul. '21Munich, Germany

Dutch music theatre and dance at THINK BIG! 2021

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, THINK BIG! festival presents music theatre and dance from the Netherlands for young audiences and their families. The festival takes place from 27 June - 7 July 2021 in Munich, Germany. Performing for young audiences are: Oorkaan and Cello Octet Amsterdam, and Nicole Beutler Projects and DOX.
21 Jun. → 17 Jul. '21Mantova, Italy

De Dansers at Segni D'infanzia 2021

As part of a continued collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, cultural children's festival Segni D'infanzia presents theatre and dance from the Netherlands for young audiences. Kicking off the Dutch performances on 9 & 10 July 2021 — followed by another selection of Netherlands-based companies in October — is dance company De Dansers.
20 Apr. → 31 Dec. '21online

29 Dutch theatre & dance companies spotlighted on DutchFocus-China.com

The new online platform DutchFocus-China.com spotlights 29 theatre and dance companies from the Netherlands. The platform was developed with the support of Dutch Performing Arts, in response to the lack of international touring opportunities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
4 Jan. → 31 Jan. '21online

Dutch keynote on art and young brains at IPAY Showcase in Place

From 4-31 January 2021, IPAY Showcase in Place 3: Superbloom brings shows for young people from all over the world to your screen. After live performances by Netherlands-based theatre and dance companies at IPAY Showcase in 2019 and 2020, the orange streak continues with a virtual keynote by science journalist Mark Mieras on 13 January 2021.
31 Oct. → 8 Nov. '20online

Dutch theatre and dance at Segni D'infanzia 2020

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, cultural children's festival Segni D'infanzia presents performances by Dutch theatre and dance companies Simone de Jong and De Dansers. The festival takes place online from 31 October until 8 November 2020.
26 Oct. → 1 Nov. '20online

13 Dutch performances for young audiences at NOW Festival 2020

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, Shanghai-based theatre Art Space for Kids (The A.S.K.) presented 13 shows by Dutch companies at the NOW Festival. From 26 October until 1 November 2020, the online festival presented a selection of work targetted at young audiences.
9 Mar. → 11 Mar. '20Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dutch theatre for young audiences at Belfast Children's Festival

As part of a close collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, international arts festival Belfast Children's Festival presents shows by three Netherlands-based companies: theatre company Simone de Jong, dance company Arch8/Erik Kaiel, and theatre company Theatergroep Kwatta. The Dutch focus takes place from 9-11 March 2020 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
23 Jan. → 23 Jan. '20Philadelphia, the United States

Dutch performing arts for young audiences at IPAY 2020

Dutch Performing Arts proudly powers two Dutch companies who are part of Off-IPAY 2020, in collaboration with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York and DutchCulture. IPAY Showcase takes place from 21-25 January 2020 in Philadelphia, the United States.
31 Oct. → 2 Nov. '19Washington, the United States

Woest at the Kennedy Center

Youth theatre company Woest gives five performances of their show 'Balancing Bodies' at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
7 Mar. → 7 Mar. '18Gallus Theater, Frankfurt a. M.

Dutch Night Starke Stücke

Children’s and young people’s theatre from the Netherlands is not only represented at festival Starke Stücke with two productions. Dutch directors and playwrights have long been important sources of inspiration for the Frankfurt theatre scene.
18 Jan. → 21 Jan. '17Madison (Wisconsin), USA

IPAY 2017

Theater Terra's show King Arthur is one of the Twilight Spotlights of the IPAY Showcase 2017.

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