A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
25 Sep. → 13 Oct. '18Marseille, France

Dutch Performing Arts | en France: Actoral 2018

In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, the 18th edition of interdisciplinary festival Actoral will spotlight the work of 6 Dutch makers and companies in a special programme titled Temps fort Pays-Bas.
Actoral is an international and interdisciplinary annual festival based in Marseille, gathering a dozen local cultural venues during 3 weeks, presenting an eclectic mix of theatre, dance, visual arts, performance, music, film, and literature. The festival invites audiences to discover the new generation of French and international artists, bringing about fresh perspectives for all to share.

From 2-11 October, visitors can enjoy a Dutch focus programme featuring work by the following makers and companies:

Julian Hetzel - All Inclusive
French premiere
2 October - 19:30 | 3 October - 21:00
Friche la Belle de Mai

Samira Elagoz - Cock, Cock... Who's There?
4 October - 19:30 | 5 October 2018 - 19:30
Le Merlan, Scène nationale de Marseille

Davy Pieters - The Unpleasant Surprise
French premiere
5 October - 19:30 | 6 October - 19:30
Théâtre des Bernardines

De Warme Winkel - Gavrilo Princip
French premiere
4 October - 21:00 | 5 October - 21:00
Le Merlan, Scène nationale de Marseille

Dario Tortorelli - D NO BODY 5 #transcending
9 October - 19:30
Friche la Belle de Mai

Arno Schuitemaker - If You Could See Me Now
French premiere
10 October - 21:00 | 11 October - 21:00
Ballet National de Marseille

Visit actoral.org for the full programme.

The Dutch focus programme is a result of a close collaboration between Festival Actoral, Dutch Performing Arts | en France and the Dutch embassy in Paris.

Temps fort créé en collaboration avec Dutch Performing Arts, un programme du Fonds néerlandais des arts de la scène pour la promotion à l'international du spectacle vivant néerlandais.
Dario Tortorelli / DIVEinD | D NO BODY 5 #transcending | Photo: Salih Kilic