A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
03 Oct. → 06 Oct. '19Maastricht, the Netherlands

Dutch Dance Festival 2019 visitors' programme

Keren Levi & Yannis Kyriakides | Unmute. Photo: Eti Steinberg
Dunja Jocic | Resident. Photo: Jelena Jankovic
In collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts, Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen) organises an international visitors' programme from 3-6 October in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Dutch Dance Festival organises a four-day visitors' programme titled Moving Meetings for international performing arts professionals. Programmers and directors from theatres and festivals visit a selection of Dutch shows and performances of their choice at the invitation of the organising festival.

Want to know which international organisations will be attending? Check out the PDF below.

This year's festival programme presents some exciting premieres by Netherlands-based makers, including 'Unmute' by Keren Levi & Yannis Kyriakides, and 'Resident' by Dunja Jocic.

More information
For more information about the visitors' programme, contact Mirjam Zwanenburg via mirjam@nederlandsedansdagen.nl.

Check out the full festival programme at the Dutch Dance Festival website.

About Dutch Dance Festival
Dutch Dance Festival puts the heritage, topicality and future of Dutch dance centre stage. It showcases the full range of dance, from classical ballet to urban, avant-garde to modern dance, seasoned makers to new talent, and performance art to dance for young audiences.

Dutch Dance Festival organises an international visitors' programme in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts. The visitors' programme is made possible by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.