A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
22 May. → 31 May. '15Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Operadagen Rotterdam / Operatie Muziektheater 2015

Operadagen Rotterdam is an international festival with a focus on new developments in opera and music theatre.
More than ever before singers, musicians, actors, directors, and designers are moulding the classical opera repertoire to their will. Whilst keeping intact the spirit of the works, they find new interpretations that resonate with the world of today and tomorrow. Operadagen Rotterdam invites the audience to broaden their mind and experience the latest developments.

Dutch Performing Arts has asked Operadagen Rotterdam to organise 'Operatie Muziektheater' and a visitors' programme for international professionals.

You can find the schedule of 'Operatie Muziektheater' here.

During Operatie Muziektheater more than ten Dutch ensembles, artists, companies, organisations, etc. will give a pitch: Reisopera, Kameroperahuis, Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Project Wildeman, CLUB GEWALT, Voi-Z, Arnoud Noordegraaf, Rosa Ensemble, Smaakt naar Muziek, Leine Roebana, Wynn Heliczer / Prime, Kameleo, Flaminio Scala and CRYPTIC.

Here you can find the list of participants.