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01 Sep. → 04 Sep. '16Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Professionals' programme: Children's Theatre in Search of New Audiences. The City in All its Diversity.

Aaipet - BonteHond | Photo: Kamerich & Budwilowitz - Eyes 2
From September 1-4 ASSITEJ NL organises, in collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts and in the context of TF Jong, a professionals' programme about performing arts for young audiences in all its diversity.
During the programme we will take the professionals to see shows in smaller and larger theatres in different neighbourhoods of Amsterdam. They will also see some site-specific performances. We will bring them subjects and themes that mirror the diversity of performing arts for young audiences: from shows for the very young to performances for youngsters about gender and different cultural backgrounds.

Performances the professionals will attend are Know Me (12+) by BonteHond, Jihad, the performance (15+) by Senf Producties, Mating Season by Danstheater Aya/Alida Dors, Veil(12+) by Danstheater Aya, In the distance (2+) by Malou van Sluis and Judith Sleddens, Hip Hop Hooray! (4+, Frontaal/Don't hit Mama) and 100% Selfmade (12+, Maas Theater and Dans Dox), iPet (BonteHond, 2+), We are going on a bear hunt (4+, by Theater Sonnevanck), The Aunties (8+) by de Toneelmakerij and In my mind I'm a thin girl (12+, NT Jong).

All performances, fragments and teasers have a few common denominators: they are diverse, of high quality and in search of new audiences. On Friday we are organising a seminar on diversity within youth theatre featuring keynote speakers Hassan Mahamdallie (Senior Officer for Diversity at Arts Council England) and Dutch writer Abdelkader Benali.