A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
20 May. → 23 May. '15De Doelen, Rotterdam

Classical:NEXT | Dutch focus

Dutch Performing Arts organises a visitors' programme at the music conference Classical:NEXT for presenters from all over the world.
Classical:NEXT takes place from 20-23 May in de Doelen, Rotterdam (The Netherlands). It is an international conference for professionals from all branches of the genre. Since the first edition in May 2012, around 2.000 music professionals representing 1.000 companies from more than 40 countries have engaged with Classical:NEXT and made it into the world’s most important classical music meeting, featuring a conference, an expo as well as showcase concerts and screenings.

A highlight of the Classical:NEXT programme is ‘Lunch with the Residents’: a daytime local stage that will showcase the state of the art in classical and contemporary music from the Netherlands. Expect performances of Nora Fischer, Remy van Kesteren, Ragazze Quartet, Eric Vloeimans & Holland Baroque Society and many others. Lunch with the Residents is made possible by Dutch Performing Arts.
Also, two more Dutch companies are selected by the Classical:NEXT jury in the official evening showcase programme: Rembrandt Frerichs Trio; The Contemporary Fortepiano and Oorkaan & Cello8ctet Amsterdam.

The Dutch performances during Classical:NEXT:
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Dutch Performing Arts invites relevant international presenters and arranges network meetings between these international guests and the Dutch companies. For more information about Classical:NEXT and the focus and network opportunities with Dutch artists & companies, please contact s.moed@dutchperformingarts.nl
Fuse (photo: Merlijn Doomernik)
Holland Baroque Society (photo: Wouter Jansen)
Nora Fischer (photo: Marco Borggreve)
Ragazze Quartet