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Dutch delegation visits TPAM in Yokohama
A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
08 Feb. → 16 Feb. '20

Dutch delegation visits TPAM in Yokohama

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Club Guy & Roni | Tetris Mon Amour. Photo: Andreas Etter
Karel van Laere | Largo. Photo: Freek Zonderland & Mink Pinster
Sjaron Minailo | Tudo Aquilo Que Mais Eu Temia Desabou Sobre Minha Cabeça
Arno Schuitemaker | The Way You Sound Tonight. Photo: Sanne Peper
Ulrike Quade Company | The Dreamless. Photo: Casper Koster

Together with Dutch Performing Arts five Dutch artists and artistic companies will travel to Yokohama, Japan to visit TPAM (Performing Arts Meeting Yokohama). The 2020 edition takes place from 8-16 February.
TPAM is one of the most influential performing arts platforms in Asia. Over 700 performing arts professionals from 40 countries visit the influential event. Over the course of nine days, more than 50 artists / companies present over 200 performances. TPAM also presents over 300 meetings, discussions and seminars.
Joining us at TPAM are Karel van Laere, Harmen van der Hoek (Club Guy & Roni), Sjaron Minailo (Studio Minailo), Maite García Lechner (Ulrike Quade Company), and Arno Schuitemaker and Joriene Blom (Arno Schuitemaker). The delegates' visit is aimed at promoting, researching and/or networking for their (music) theatre or dance company. The visit to TPAM is organised in collaboration with Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo.

Networking session

The Dutch delegates will take part in a networking session on 10 February 2020, 15:00-15:40 at Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall, room 6. During this meeting participants can learn more about the Dutch artists' work and discuss opportunities for collaboration and exchange.

Learn more about the Dutch delegates' goals for TPAM:

Karel van Laere - performance artist & visual artist
"I'm looking forward to meeting programmers or curators that work in the field of performance and visual arts and host – or can connect me with – a residency in Japan. If you're interested in the live performance 'The Non-Present Performer' or the stand-alone video artwork 'Largo', let's meet at TPAM. Come say hi and get a limited edition postcard with a visualisation of my work."

Harmen van der Hoek - dance company Club Guy & Roni
"I'm looking to get in touch with possible partners for co-productions: directors, dramaturges and programmers of dance and theatre houses. To promote our upcoming performances in Asia, I'd also like to connect with festivals and presentation places that programme contemporary dance and large-scale interdisciplinary performances. I'm looking forward to meeting you at TPAM, and perhaps we can continue our conversation when Club Guy & Roni returns to Japan in June."

Sjaron Minailo - music theatre director & opera director at Studio Minailo
"I'd like to find new opportunities to perform one of my international co-productions and find organisations, institutions, producers and artists for the creation of new work."

Maite García Lechner - theatre company Ulrike Quade Company
"We're working on a variety of projects that have a natural connection to Japan on the one hand, and Indonesia on the other. At TPAM I hope to get in touch with partners that are interested in collaborating with us on one of those projects. I'd also like to find new opportunities to perform our existing productions 'Coco Chanel' and 'The Dreamless'."

Arno Schuitemaker - performance artists & choreographer
"I'm attending TPAM together with my company's business director, Joriene Blom. We're looking to get in touch with presenters of festivals and theatres that programme contemporary performances in Japan and other countries in Asia to explore new opportunities. We feel that our performances would strongly appeal to audiences, because of the intensity combined with a high level of precision and detail."

Visit to HOTPOT

The Dutch delegates also have the opportunity to visit festival HOTPOT in Yokohama on their own account. HOTPOT is a collaborative effort of three festivals: City Contemporary Dance Festival (Hong Kong, China), Seoul International Dance Festival (South Korea), and Yokohama Dance Collection (Japan). HOTPOT offers an extensive showcase programme and numerous networking opportunities to connect with dance artists, producers, and other dance professionals from East Asia.