A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
13 Nov. → 13 Nov. '20online & ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

New Music Conference 2020: networking event for new music professionals

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Matchmaking session at New Music Conference 2019. Photo: William van der Voort/Cloakture
New Music Conference is the annual networking event for composers, publishers, musicians and other professionals working in the new music industry. The conference takes place on 13 November 2020, during music festival November Music, and is fully accessible via live stream. Online participation is free, registration required.
Every year New Music Conference welcomes music professionals from across the globe to share their knowledge and experience. The networking event presents an inspiring day of presentations, workshops and panel discussions for an international audience of composers, performing artists, programmers, publishers, record labels, managers and booking agents.

Register and get full access for free

Due to COVID-19 measures, only composers, musicians, publishers and others directly involved in November Music's festival programming can attend the conference live. However, the conference's the panels and presentations are also fully accessible via live stream. Online participation is free but registration in advance is required. Register now through the New Music Conference website.

Book one-on-one time with music professionals

Besides panel discussions on composing, publishing, and programming new music in Europe and the United States, the conference organises Meet & Connect sessions. During these 12-minute online meetings, participants can network with an international selection of composers, musicians, managers, publishers, media professionals and festival organisers. You can book your one-on-one time here before 3 November, after completing your registration for the conference.

Find out more about international funding and promotion

Want to know more about funding? Tune in for the video presentation by the Performing Arts Fund NL (Fonds Podiumkunsten) on 12 November at 15:00. Susanne Moed (programme manager, Performing Arts Fund NL / Dutch Performing Arts) and Jan Sprengers (head of programming and internationalisation, Performing Arts Fund NL) will give an overview of the grants and international promotional activities. Great examples of projects will be shown and questions will be answered live in an online Q&A after the video presentation.

More information?

For the full conference programme, visit the website of New Music Conference.