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18 Jun. → 28 Jun. '15Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Quadrennial 2015

During the Prague Quadrennial, which focuses on scenography, Platform Scenography organises not a classic pavilion, but interventions in the public space: 'Between realities'.
Between Realities is an ongoing research in the public space of Praha 1, the city centre of Prague. It consists of small scale interventions, cartographic explorations and public discussions with the audience and local and international guests. Each day a team of artists/designers critically explores and intervenes in the many staged realities that are to be found around the Prague Quadriennal 2015 venues.

After an open call and three pitches, Platform Scenography deceided to take ten Dutch artists to Prague: Naomi Bueno de Mesquita, Carly Everaert, Katja Heitmann, Julian Hetzel, Vinny Jones, Rick van der Linden, Maarten van Otterdijk, Hieke Pars, Eva Schippers en Florian de Visser.

Each day the artists put their scenographical tools and views to use to critically explore and intervene the multiple staged realities of public space.