A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
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    Four Netherlands-based theatremakers in PerformLab exchange programme Turkey

    The PerformLab exchange programme aims to bring together artists from Turkey and the Netherlands to plant the seeds of possible collaborations and lay foundations for a sustainable artistic dialogue between the two countries. Through a series of workshops the programme offers new perspectives to performing artists from a wide range of disciplines who have an interest in performance and interdiscip…
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    Apply for ISPA's Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024

    The International Society for the Performing Arts’ (ISPA) Netherlands Fellowship provides three-year access to ISPA’s extensive international network of arts professionals to three mid-career leaders from the Netherlands’ performing arts community and one mid-career leader from performing arts communities in Egypt, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, or South Africa. Why should you apply? Particip…
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    Dutch and British playwrights reflect on shared colonial history

    …lls. “Theatre Babel Rotterdam is a theatre with a strong focus on social inclusion.” At the Wereldmuseum, the playwrights paid a visit to the exhibition on the East Indies, a former colony of the Netherlands. These trips helped to strengthen the bond between the playwrights, who all have very different backgrounds, yet share a common denominator: they are living in Europe, but also have origin…
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    Contemporary Dutch and Flemish theatre texts at DramatikerInnenfestival 2021

    Just like in 2019, the festival works together with Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Arts Institute and Flanders Literature to present theatre texts from the Netherlands and Flanders. This year a number of Dutch and Flemish theatre professionals also take part in the festival's professionals' programme. Programme In a so-called 'Textgarten' the audience can discover texts through (audio) insta…
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    French translation of Dutch-language theatre text presented at Festival Regards Croisés

    … France As part of a special collaboration that started in 2018, Dutch Performing Arts, Flanders Literature and Flanders Arts Institute present staged readings of theatre texts from Flanders and the Netherlands in France, in collaboration with Maison Antoine Vitez. Together the organisations want to increase the visibility of contemporary Dutch-language theatre texts in French-speaking regions. T…
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    Networking reception JanArtsNYC 2020

    At the reception you can meet the representatives of a myriad of theatre and music organisations from Flanders and the Netherlands as well as key representatives from ISPA (the International Society for the Performing Arts). The reception is hosted by the General Delegation of the Government of Flanders to the USA & Dutch Culture USA, Joost Taverne (Cultural Attaché of the Kingdom of the Nethe…