A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
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    Meet the Fellows of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024

    International Society for the Performing Arts’ (ISPA) Netherlands fellowship Programme was created to provide mid-career performing arts professionals with the opportunity to expand their international networks through membership and attendance at ISPA Congresses. The Fellows represent all disciplines, genres, and types of arts organisations. An open call was launched, seeking three participa…
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    Apply for ISPA's Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024

    The International Society for the Performing Arts’ (ISPA) Netherlands fellowship provides three-year access to ISPA’s extensive international network of arts professionals to three mid-career leaders from the Netherlands’ performing arts community and one mid-career leader from performing arts communities in Egypt, Morocco, Russia, Turkey, or South Africa. Why should you apply? Particip…
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    Online kick-off EMC Fellowship Programme 2020-2021

    …art in the European Forum on Music, get exclusive access to further EMC events and are included in the EMC’s internal (membership) communication. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the EMC has adapted its fellowship programme with online events and activities and is developing ways of including the fellows in a digital way. Online kick-off Last spring, the EMC organised an introductory meeting for …
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    Open call: Sponsored fellowship EMC

    Now closed for submissions (updated 10 March 2020). This concerns a sponsored fellowship, meaning that Dutch Performing Arts will sponsor three additional Dutch fellows next to the seven fellows that will be selected by EMC via their regular open call. Dutch Performing Arts will cover the fees for the two conferences, and costs of travel and accomodation concerning the fellowship programme, wi…