A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
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    Four Netherlands-based theatremakers in PerformLab exchange programme Turkey

    The PerformLab exchange programme aims to bring together artists from Turkey and the Netherlands to plant the seeds of possible collaborations and lay foundations for a sustainable artistic dialogue between the two countries. Through a series of workshops the programme offers new perspectives to performing artists from a wide range of disciplines who have an interest in performance and interdiscip…
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    Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2021 professionals' programme

    Gaudeamus Muziekweek facilitates the development of new work and an stages tomorrow’s music. As part of a collaboration with Dutch Performing Arts since 2015, the festival organises an international professionals' programme to present a host of Netherlands-based artists and composers to international presenters. Invitations to the professionals' programme are extended by the organising festival.…
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    Highlights from the Lowlands at Nederlands Theater Festival and Het TheaterFestival

    Through online personal encounters, international presenters will discover new work and engage in conversations with Dutch and Flemish artists and fellow programmers. Highlights from the Lowlands The online professionals' programme takes place on Tuesday 7 September 2021 from 14:00-17:00 CET. The following artists based in the Netherlands and Flanders will in engage in coversations ab…
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    Theaterfestival Boulevard 2021 professionals' programme

    Theaterfestival Boulevard presents non-conformist theatre, dance and musical theatre and artistic forms at the festival's main stage and at unique locations in and around the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. This year the festival presents around 120 productions from the Netherlands, Flanders and other European countries. Professionals' programme Theaterfestival Boulevard's professionals' programme…
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    Julidans 2021 professionals' programme

    Julidans takes place from 1-16 July at various venues in Amsterdam. The annual festival shows bold performances by icons of contemporay dance and great transformers of this moment. With this year's motto 'Never stop dancing' the festival's 30th edition presents goundbreaking, daring and surprising performances for both dance professionals as well as curious minds. Professionals' programme Duri…
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    O. 2021 professionals' programme

    Because of the current pandemic, O. has decided to postpone their live edition in Rotterdam until 23-29 August 2021. In the meantime the festival will organise an online programme for international presenters. The online professionals' programme features presentations, artist talks, speed dates, various online performances and previews, and a panel discussion on the theme In/Equality on the Digita…