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26 Feb. '20

For Dutch festival managers: apply now for the Düsseldorf and Kampala Atelier 2020

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Atelier NEXT 2019
Dutch Performing Arts and The Festival Academy (an initiative of the European Festivals Association) jointly invite festival managers and programmers based in the Netherlands to participate in one of the Ateliers for Young Festival Managers.
Dutch Performing Arts will support six emerging festival directors based in the Netherlands: three who will take part in the Atelier for Young Festival Managers Düsseldorf (23-29 May 2020), and three who will take part in the Atelier for Young Festival Managers Kampala (14-20 August 2020).

Closed for submissions (updated 16 March 2020)

About the Atelier
The Atelier for Young Festival Managers is a seven-day training programme aimed at young artistic festival managers or those who aspire to become involved in programming or in programming-related departments within a festival. Through the programme, participants broaden their programming skills, widen their horizons, and develop new project ideas under the professional guidance of renowned festival managers from all over the world who share their rich experience. The Atelier focuses on the very essence of festivals: the art and the artist.

Have a look at the programme of last year’s Atelier in Belgium and France here or browse through the Atelier 2019 Guide (pdf) at the bottom of this page.

For each Atelier, 35 emerging festival managers from all over the world will be selected to meet in the cultural context of a festival. Are you a critical thinker who wants to meet up with a diversity of creative minds, both emerging and expert festival leaders, cultural activists and artists to reflect for seven days on the role of festivals in today’s world?

What we can offer
Participation in the fellowship programme includes: seven nights at a hotel, reimbursement of transportation costs (economy class) to Düsseldorf/Kampala, meals, a cultural programme, local transportation, all materials for the atelier and a follow-up after the atelier.

Dutch fellows pay a contribution of € 250.

Netherlands-based festival managers are now invited to apply for the Atelier of their choice by filling out one of the following forms:
Application form for Atelier Düsseldorf 2020
Application form for Atelier Kampala 2020

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2020.

In your motivation, please elaborate on the goals of your participation in the Atelier and possible results for your festival.

You are a (young) festival manager living and working in the Netherlands;
You are available for the entire duration of the Atelier you are applying for.

The selection will be made by Dutch Performing Arts in collaboration with The Festival Academy. Selections will be announced by the end of March.

For more information, contact The Festival Academy at info@thefestivalacademy.eu.