A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
22 Jan. '21

Grants and programmes for international performances and promotion

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De Dansers | Shake Shake Shake, performed at Segni d'infanzia 2019. Photo by Bart Grietens
The Performing Arts Fund NL offers several grants for the performance and promotion of Dutch performing arts abroad. Check out our overview of upcoming deadlines.
The Performing Arts Fund NL offers grants and programmes for both Netherlands-based artists, venues and festivals, and venues and festivals from outside the Netherlands.

For venues and festivals abroad

Grant for Dutch presentations abroad
Organisations based outside the Netherlands can apply for a grant for the programming of performances and concerts by Dutch companies, ensembles and performers. Next deadline: 31 March 2021.
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For Netherlands-based artists, venues and festivals

Want to programme performances from abroad in the Netherlands?
Dutch venues and festivals can apply for a grant to programme concerts and performances from abroad. Next deadline: 31 March 2021.
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Coming up: new programme for international promotion
This spring the Performing Arts Fund NL will introduce a new programme for Dutch artists and organisations that want to invest in their international promotional activities.
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