A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
14 Oct. '20

Meet the Dutch groups selected for the China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo 2020

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Dutch Performing Arts organises a showcase at the online edition of China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo (CPAX) 2020 to present tour-ready shows from the Netherlands, suitable for the Chinese market. Meet the [NUMBER] Dutch groups selected for CPAX 2020.
Through an open call CPAX and Dutch Performing Arts selected NUMBER shows for the online showcase. The open call was primarily aimed at physical theatre, contemporary dance and contemporary circus shows for both children and adults, but was also open to other types of shows.

CPAX has created an Online Exhibition Hall on one of China's leading streaming platforms Youku, where both domestic and international performing arts projects will be showcased to industry professionals (theaters, producers and agencies), as well as the general public. As part of the Dutch showcase, the Online Exhibition Hall displays the selected works' trailers and the company and production information. Additional information including full-length videos and technical riders will also be available to industry professionals upon request. The Online Exhibition Hall will be online starting from DATE 2020.

Dutch selection

The Dutch companies and makers who will be presenting their shows at the Online Exhibition Hall of CPAX 2020 are:

Hieronder een voorbeeld van hoe ik NL groepen op de site plaats: met link naar hun website, de naam vet, titel van hun show, discipline cursief en als je dat weet de leeftijdscategorie erbij als het voor kids is

de Stilte - 'Alice' (6+) dance

About China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo

China (Beijing) Performing Arts Expo (CPAX) is an international performing arts industry exchange and trading event held annually in Beijing. The Expo offers networking and trading opportunities for global performing arts professionals and convenient access to the Chinese performing arts market. Due to COVID-19, the CPAX 2020 has been postponed from April to October 2020 and it will be held as an online exhibition. The Expo will focus on the practical side of the business and highlight its function as a trading platform for performing arts projects.

More info?

For more information aout CPAX please contact:
Joanna Dong, joanna.dong@performanceinfinity.org