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13 Jul. '21

Meet the Fellows of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024

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Clockwise from top-left: Mark Hospers, Miranda Lakerveld, Reem Allam, Kiki Raposo de Haas
We’re pleased to announce the four Fellows of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024, who will have access to ISPA’s extensive international network of arts professionals for the next three years. The Netherlands Fellowship Programme is made possible by Dutch Performing Arts.
International Society for the Performing Arts’ (ISPA) Netherlands Fellowship Programme was created to provide mid-career performing arts professionals with the opportunity to expand their international networks through membership and attendance at ISPA Congresses. The Fellows represent all disciplines, genres, and types of arts organisations.

An open call was launched, seeking three participants from the Netherlands and one participant from Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, or South Africa, interested in developing their careers through an extended engagement with ISPA.

Fellows of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme 2022-2024

Mark Hospers, Explore the North (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)
Mark Hospers is general manager of the interdisciplinary production house and festival Explore the North in Leeuwarden. This relatively young organisation focuses on the connection between language, multilingualism (the province of Friesland has its own Frisian language, next to Dutch), literature and performing arts. The organisation connects local artists and themes with (inter)national artists and invites guests to come over and reside in Leeuwarden in the wonderful venue the Westerkerk, an old church. In November the festival uses the city as a canvas for all kinds of (experimental) performances in many disciplines and genres. Before this Mark has been working at the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen for over 10 years. Additionally he is also the coordinator and spokesperson for a national alliance of over 60 performing arts festivals; festivals that are working together to influence decision and policy making in The Netherlands around performing arts and festivals.

Miranda Lakerveld, World Opera Lab (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
Miranda Lakerveld creates opera’s that bridge cultural differences and reflect on contemporary issues in poetic ways. The opera repertoire is the beating heart of energetic performances where myths, music and dance from different cultures and artistic disciplines meet. She is the founder and artistic director of World Opera Lab. Her works were created and performed in extraordinary locations: from the Azadi Tower in Tehran to Mercatorplein in Amsterdam-West; from the Rotterdam Afrikaanderwijk to the Indian city of Ahmedabad and from Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Mexico City to the Holland Festival. To support her creative work she has done extensive research in traditional music and drama practices from India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Japan, Guatemala and Tibet.
Miranda has been an advisor at several Dutch arts foundations, and is currently an advisor at the Dutch National Arts Council.

Kiki Raposo de Haas, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir (Bussum, the Netherlands)
After four years of classical music training at the conservatory Kiki Raposo de Haas decided to go in a different direction, not pursuing a career as a professional musician but in supporting other musicians and ensembles as a manager. In the past 20 years, she was general manager to very different types of ensembles, from contemporary to early music, and from chamber music to music theatre.
From 2013 to 2020 Kiki managed the internationally acclaimed Calefax Reed Quintet, with whom she developed a wide range of high-profile projects with artists from various art disciplines, such as Jaap Drupsteen, Eric Vloeimans and Boukje Schweigman. Since April 2020 Kiki is managing director of the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir. Amsterdam Baroque’s founder and artistic leader is Ton Koopman, Bach scholar and one of the world's leading specialists in the early music field.

Reem Allam, Orient Productions (Cairo, Egypt)
Reem Allam is the Executive Manager and Artistic Programmer of the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (D-CAF), Egypt’s largest international multi-disciplinary arts festival presenting theatre, dance, music, film, and visual arts from around the world. D-CAF also hosts a biennial Arab Arts Focus showcase during the festival, presenting the latest in contemporary performances by Arab artists
Allam holds a UK Master’s Degree in Arts, Festivals, and Cultural Management from QMU Edinburgh. In 2018, she was awarded the Finalist Social Impact Award of British Council's UK Alumni Awards.
Allam has worked in several international festivals, including London's Shubbak Festival and AAF - Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She has served as juror on international jury boards for festivals such as Zürcher Theater Spektakel and Boska Komedia Festival. Recently, Allam has been on the planning committee for the 2021 ISPA Congress, and has been giving a training in Cultural Management at AUC Tahrir Cultural Center in Cairo.

The four Fellows will join the ISPA membership and attend the ISPA Congress where they engage in the development and exchange of ideas with leaders from some of the world's most significant arts organisations, increase their industry knowledge and resources through educational opportunities, and share their experience with their communities.

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme is organised by ISPA and made possible by Dutch Performing Arts.

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