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19 Mar. '21

Open call: IPAY CultureCrew Festival 2021

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Arch8/Erik Kaiel | Tetris - part of IPAY Showcase 2016 and winner of the Victor Award 2016
From 11-22 October 2021, IPAY (International Performing Arts for Youth) will be hosting the first edition of their CultureCrew Festival: a virtual global gathering around youth-selected performing arts. Artists are invited to submit videos of their live and virtual productions for young audiences. Deadline for submissions is 13 May 2021. Early bird applications, sent in by 1 April, get a discount on the application fee.
IPAY Culture Crew Festival is a virtual global gathering around youth-selected performing arts featuring a selection of youth-chosen productions.

Work for young people, chosen by young people

Artists creating performances for young people are invited to submit videos of their live and virtual productions, which will be reviewed and possibly selected by CultureCrew. Productions do not need to be made by young people.
CultureCrew will be made of 15 teenage members representing Philadelphia and other cities around the world. Work selected by CultureCrew will be featured as Virtual Showcases or Virtual Spotlights for the duration of the festival for all registered delegates to watch 'on demand' anytime.

What's in it for you?

For artists creating productions for young people, being selected by youth members CultureCrew is a strong point of attention for them. Their work is more likely to be seen by presenters, agents, education directors, festival directors, and other artists when featured by IPAY. During IPAY’s virtual Showcase in Place conference, shows selected by CultureCrew received more views than any other set of shows.

As a part of the two-week virtual delegate series, delegates will watch videos of CultureCrew’s selected shows and attend virtual Kindling sessions focused on youth-adjudicated performing arts. Delegates will include agents, presenters, artists, and other arts professionals from around the world. You’ll learn in real time with other international professionals and develop new approaches to centering youth in your professional practice.

Agents, presenters and other professionals in the performing arts sector for young audiences will be able to engage directly with young people by serving as mentors or volunteers during the summer selection process, submitting their shows to be reviewed during the Culture Crew selection panel, leading Kindling sessions, and/or attending the festival as a delegate.


Early Bird Applications are due by 1 April 2021 11:55pm EST.
The Final Due Date for applications, all support materials, and application fees is 13 May 2021 11:55pm EST.

Application Fee is 50 USD. Early Bird Application discount is 15 USD.

Please be available to participate in the virtual CultureCrew Festival from October 11-22, 2021.

The production for which you are applying must be completed by the date of your application.

All productions selected must be performed in English, or have English subtitles. All applications must be submitted in English.

If you are an agent or manager submitting this application on behalf of an artist and that artist’s work is selected, IPAY must have direct contact with the producing company as well as the agent.

More information?

For more information about IPAY CultureCrew Festival and the showcase criteria, consult this page on the IPAY website.