A programme by Performing Arts Fund NL to promote Dutch music, theatre and dance abroad.
news22 apr '20

Get to know the Dutch groups that were scheduled for European Jazz Meeting

Four Dutch groups were announced for the European Jazz Meeting during jazzahead! in Bremen, Germany. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, this year's edition of the international trade fair and festival had to be cancelled. As usual, Dutch Performing Arts was scheduled to present the Dutch jazz scene there in collaboration with inJazz/Buma Cultuur. Nevertheless, we proudly present the four Dutch groups: Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, Sun-Mi Hong Quintet, Guy Salamon Group, and KAMA Kollektiv.
news23 mar '20

COVID-19 developments

Dutch Performing Arts closely monitors the developments concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus). Circumstances are evolving rapidly and have a significant impact on the professional performing arts sector.
news23 mar '20

Updated: Dutch festivals and professionals' programmes in 2020

Throughout 2020 Dutch Performing Arts collaborates with renowned Dutch festivals for the organisation of professionals' programmes aimed at music, dance and (music) theatre presenters.